Who the hell are Dave and Dave?

Dave and Dave were two young guys who found folk song in the very early days of the folk revival.

They found their voices matched, one being tenor (Trenow) and the other being baritone (Hislop) and so were able to sing two-part harmony inspired by traditional singers like the Copper family.

Their enthusiasm for folk song led them to become involved in the formation of Hoddesdon Folk Music Club, one of the first dozen in England, where they became resident singers; which later spawned The Hoddesdon Crownsmen Rapper Dance team and a traditional Mummer’s Play. They sang in folk clubs all over England from 1964 to 1979 before career demands meant that they had to move to different parts of the country.

Dave and Dave – Keele Folk Festival, July 1969, recorded by Bill Leader

Dave and Dave on Soundcloud